Hi, I’m Bea! Welcome to my blog!

I started my travel diaries because my parents were slightly overprotective and wanted to know my every move when I was abroad, so I started doing just that! Writing up everything we did at the end of every day. Slowly, more and more friends asked to be included on these emails so I decided to publish them.

I love to travel. And I particularly love to explore. Although I like to think I go to somewhat different places to the average traveller, I am definitely no pioneer in my adventures. However, wherever I go, I like to immerse myself in the culture of that place, try the local cuisine and interact with the locals. The more I can learn about the real way of life the better.

Whereas when I first started travelling my main aim was to see the world, my most recent trips have inspired me to want to give something back. I’ve become much less interested in ticking off places on my bucket list, and much more interested in visiting areas that aren’t on the tourist trail and that could benefit from sustainable tourism. I hope that by visiting these areas and then writing about them I am able to inspire other intrepid travellers to also visit.

I hope you enjoy my adventures!


Photo of Bea straddling a gorilla, taken in Cabarceno, Spain.
Turns out, I have no photos of me looking normal!

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