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Bea Adventurous is about finding adventure no matter where you go. We love
exploring destinations that are off the beaten path. This doesn’t mean travelling to
countries nobody has ever seen before. Instead, it’s about leaving the hoards
of tourists behind, even in tourist hot spots, and digging under the layers to
discover the real essence of a destination.

Photo of a smiling Bea and Doug, wrapped up warm in winter clothing.

As well as sharing the highlights of our travels, we also like to take you
on a thought-provoking journey, shedding light and shadows on the places we visit
and giving you a real sense of what it is like to be there. If you are looking
for a rose-tinted glass blog, then you have come to the wrong place. I will say
it as I see it!

So who is Bea Adventurous?

We are Bea and Doug! I (Bea) do all the writing whilst Doug takes most of
the photos. We both work full time in demanding managerial positions and
therefore fit all of our travel around our jobs. This means that when we are on
holiday there is never a moment to lose, so expect all the guides you come
across on our site to be jam-packed with ideas and activities so you too can
maximise your vacation time!

Here are a couple of my latest guides:

Doug and I are very different in our attitudes to life and travel. Doug
enjoys security, comfort and peace of mind (as well as WIFI and aircon),
whereas I love the unknown that comes with adventure. I’m not afraid to take
risks and have a positive mindset that assumes everything will work out for the
best in the end. This does mean that there tends to be a lot of negotiating
when it comes to choosing our next destination. In fact, I think some of the
hardest sales pitches I have made throughout my career have been when trying to
convince Doug where we should go next.

Bea Flies Solo

For the first 10 years of our relationship we always compromised on our
choices, however, as of 2021, I am increasingly doing more solo trips so as not to miss out on opportunities and adventures that come my way. My first solo trip
was a 4,000 km road trip around Spain. I spent two weeks exploring areas that I
knew nothing about on the Iberian peninsula, interacting with locals and absorbing
the ever-changing regional cultures of this very diverse country. I discovered
a side of Spain that not many know about. Even Spaniards had never heard of
some of the gems I managed to stumble upon. True evidence that even the most popular
tourist destinations still have so much wonder to offer.

Photo of Bea straddling a gorilla, taken in Cabarceno, Spain.
Turns out, I have no photos of me looking normal!

Where did it all start?

I started my travel diaries because my parents were slightly overprotective
and wanted to know my every move when I was abroad, so I started doing just
that! Writing up everything we did at the end of every day. Slowly, more and
more friends asked to be included on these emails so I decided to publish them.
What started off as a simple diary of my activities, has now turned into guides
of what to see, do and eat throughout the countries we visit.

Bea and Doug standing in front of a glacier in Argentina

I love to travel. And I particularly love to explore. Although I like to
think I choose somewhat different places to the average traveller, I am
definitely no pioneer in my adventures. However, wherever I go, I like to
immerse myself in the culture of that place, try the regional cuisine and interact
with the locals. The more I can learn about their real way of life the better.

Whereas when I first started travelling my main aim was to see the world, my
most recent trips have inspired me to want to give something back. I’ve become
much less interested in ticking places off my bucket list, and much more
interested in visiting areas that aren’t on the tourist trail and that could
benefit from sustainable tourism. I hope that by visiting these areas and then
writing about them I can inspire other intrepid travellers to visit.

The Cotswolds

But it isn’t just about travel. It took me up until the pandemic to realise
how lucky I am to live in the Cotswolds. Doug and I bought our first home here
in 2014, yet it took until 2020 for me to notice just how special this area is.
The Cotswolds are the largest Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the UK.
Being confined to my local area for much of 2020 allowed me to explore where I
live, and I fell in love with it! It is a popular destination for tourists, but
many come here on a day trip and visit only the villages that the internet tells
them are worthwhile, in the process missing the real charm of the Cotswolds. It
is because of this that I have created a unique space for the Cotswolds on Bea
Adventurous so that when you visit, you can explore like a local!

Broadway period house covered in ivy with a cute gate


The last thing you need to know about me is that I am always training or
planning for a crazy challenge to fundraise for a project close to my heart. I
have mountain biked the West Highland Way and hiked the 10 tallest Munros in
Scotland for Cancer Research. I have walked 40 miles for improved mental
health. And now I am training for a marathon in Sierra Leone, the money of
which will go to Street Child, a charity that helps get children off the street
and into education. You can read more about my fundraising efforts on my
fundraising page.

Bea lying on the floor, next to her mountain bike, at the end of the West Highland Way
Having just completed the West Highland Way

So what about Doug?

I like to make fun of Doug’s adversity to risk. We are often like chalk and
cheese, but I genuinely believe that that is what makes us such a great
partnership. He keeps me grounded whilst I push his boundaries. We’ve managed
to create balance in life. We have a great home in a beautiful area. A loving
dog, and murderous cat. We both have very good jobs which we are passionate
about, and I hope to think good at too. And with the security that all that
gives, we are also able to explore the world, broaden our horizons and learn.

Doug is a real rock for me. When I disappear on my solo adventures he stays home
and keeps everything in order. But he is a great travel companion too. He takes
charge of passports and money, both of which I have been known to lose! But
when he is not travelling he spends his time shooting clays and running his watch business.

Photo of Doug and Suki at Christmas
Doug and Suki

What is Bea Adventurous’ travel style?

We are neither backpackers nor luxury holidaymakers. I like to say we are middle-class
travellers. We try and get the best we can for our money, whilst seeking
authentic experiences along the way. We tend to look for local Bed and Breakfasts,
homestays or Airbnbs on our travels, avoiding where possible big chains and
international hotels.

When it comes to food we follow the locals. We eat what they eat and where
they eat. Not only is it a great experience in and of itself, but it also saves
us lots of money, although it has led to some questionable food choices over
the years!

Overall though, we mainly focus on the experience, which ultimately I believe,
is what travel is really about.

I hope you enjoy our adventures! Please feel free to get in touch with me with
any questions or suggestions you might have. There is nothing I love more than
connecting with the readers of Bea Adventurous and hearing about your adventures!

Bea and Doug

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