9 Ways To Enjoy Adventure From Home

We may be stuck at home but it doesn’t mean life needs to be boring. Here are some ideas for you to continue enjoying an adventurous life from the confines of your home!

Eastern Block Cuisine

Just because we are locked indoors doesn’t mean we can’t travel. Mix up your grocery shopping and make some dishes you have never tried before. It’s time to travel through our imagination!

Iguazu Falls: Heaven on Earth

There is something magical about waterfalls. Ever since a small child I’ve been fascinated by them, so having the chance to visit the largest waterfall complex in the world was a real treat! Read on to find out more about the magnificent Iguazu Falls.

Why am I going to Sierra Leone?

Since everyone keeps asking “Why Sierra Leone?” I thought I’d explain my motivation for wanting to visit the country AND run a half marathon whilst I’m there!

Chernobyl: Stepping back in Soviet History

26th April 1986, the day a test at the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant goes catastrophically wrong. Fast forward 32 years and the area remains abandoned, claimed by nature. Read on to see what we found!

What to expect on a Yoga Retreat

What can you expect from a yoga retreat? A lot more than healthy food and mindfulness! How about friendship, laughter, impromptu farts and a lot of fun!